About Me

About Maxine:

I am registered dietitian and a certified dietitian in the state of Wisconsin. I earned my undergraduate degree from University of Wisconsin – Madison (Go Badgers!) and my Masters from Mount Mary University. I am passionate about helping others develop a healthy relationship with food. I consider myself more of a coach than an educator, as most clients know the information but struggle with bridging it into their own life. My mission is to help build the bridge!

I foster an intuitive eating style of nutrition counseling and endorse the Health At Every Size approach. I strongly believe that weight does not define health. I have been in practice over the past four years as a primary dietitian for an eating disorder treatment facility. I now hold a leadership role at the same hospital and have the privilege of coaching other dietitians. I started my outpatient practice to continue serving clients directly and to help reach under served, remote communities. I practice solely as a TeleDietitian providing TeleNutrition.